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Tomas Billing

CEO. Employed since 1999

Education: M.Sc. Economics
Born: 1963
Board assignments: Chairman of NCC AB and Nobia AB. Member of the board of BiJaKa AB and Parkinson Research Foundation
Previous experience: Tomas Billing was previously the president of the publicly traded real estate company Hufvudstaden AB. Tomas Billing also worked for seven years within the Proventus Group, including the two last years as president of Monark Bodyguard AB

Marion Bernhardsson

CFO. Employed since 2012

Education: B.Sc. Economics
Born: 1962
Previous experience: Marion Bernhardsson was previously a Senior Associate, Corporate Accounting at Investor AB

Carl Engström

Senior Investment Manager. Employed since 2008

Education: M.Sc. Economics, M.Sc. Engineering
Born: 1977
Board assignments: Chairman of Salcomp Oyj and HoldCo Residential 1 AB
Previous experience: Carl Engström was previously Case Team Leader at Bain & Company

Mats Heiman

Senior Investment Manager. Employed since 2005

Education: M.Sc. Engineering, M.Sc. Economics
Born: 1950
Board assignments: Chairman of Rosti AB, Navos Capital AB and Parkinson Research Foundation
Previous experience: Mats Heiman was previously a management consultant with Booz Allen & Hamilton. Prior to that he worked 13 years at Alfa Laval, in part as Vice President of Food Engineering and President of the Flow Equipment business

Peter Hofvenstam

Executive Vice President. Employed since 1999

Education: M.Sc. Economics
Born: 1965
Board assignments: Chairman of Bygghemma Sverige Intressenter AB, Swedol AB and Exel Composites Oyj. Member of the Board of Rosti Group AB and Active Biotech AB 
Previous experience: Peter Hofvenstam was previously a partner with E. Öhman J:or Fondkommisson AB and active within corporate finance; Prior to that he worked as CFO and a member of group management at AB Aritmos and as an analyst with Proventus AB

Angela Langemar Olsson

Senior Investment Manager. Employed since 2000

Education: M.Sc. Economics 
Born: 1970
Board assignments: Member of the Board of Etac AB
Previous experience: Angela Langemar Olsson was previously the Corporate Controller of the publicly traded real estate company Hufvudstaden AB. Prior to that she worked at Swedish Match AB as Assistant Controller

Nora F Larssen

Senior Investment Manager. Employed since 2008

Education: M.Sc. Economics, MBA
Born: 1965
Board assignments: Chairman of Etac AB and Emma S. AB. Member of the Board of Ekornes ASA, Nobia AB and Filippa K AB
Previous experience: Nora F. Larssen was previously Product Line Manager at Electrolux AB. Prior to that, she was a partner with McKinsey & Co, where she worked for 12 years

Lars Lindgren

Senior Investment Manager. Employed since 2004

Education: LLB, M.Sc. Economics
Born: 1975
Board assignments: Chairman of WinGroup AG. Member of the Board of Bygghemma Sverige Intressenter AB, Swedol AB and Dacke Industri AB
Previous experience: Lars Lindgren was previously President of the Nordstjernan Industriutveckling AB. He has also worked within the SIDAB, MTG and at the Mannheimer Swartling law firm

Thomas Naess

Senior Investment Manager. Employed since 2015

Education: B.Sc. Business and Economics
Born: 1972
Previous experience: Thomas Naess was previously a partner with Goldbridge Capital Partners in London.  Prior to that he worked for eight years at BlueBay Asset Management in London and for seven years at Deutsche Bank initially in New York and subsequently from 2000 in London

Executive Leadership 

The Nordstjernan Executive Leadership Group is comprised of Tomas Billing, Peter Hofvenstam, Angela Langemar Olsson, Carl Engström, Marion Bernhardsson