The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit

The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit is not only Nordstjernan’s largest owner, but also a contributor to social well-being. The foundation was established in 1947 by Consul General Axel Ax:son Johnson (1876-1958) together with his wife Margaret (1887-1966). Its primary objective is to promote scientific research. Since 1999, the foundation has elected to support the liberal arts and social sciences, serving as the driving force behind the medial company Axess Publishing which owns the independent TV channel Axess Television and the scientific journal Axess.

Kurt Almqvist is President of the foundation. PJ Anders Linder is editor-in-chief of Axess and President of Axess Publishing.

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Engelsberg Ironworks

Nordstjernan plays an important role in the preservation, funding and development of the UNESCO world heritage site Engelsberg Ironworks. Founded in 1681, Engelsberg developed into one of the world’s most modern ironworks. Engelsberg Ironworks is the only ironworks in Sweden featuring preserved buildings as well as diverse technical equipment.

In 1993, the Engelsberg Ironworks was included in UNESCO’s world heritage list. In the Engelsberg Archive, most of the documents from the companies that have been owned by Nordstjernan and the Ax:son Johnson family are preserved.

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Nordstjernan is the largest shareholder of FPG Media AB, which publishes the news magazine Fokus. “We aim to explain, broaden and provide new perspectives for people who are interested in society and wish to see beyond the daily headlines and gain a better understanding of Sweden and global issues,” says Jon Åsberg, Editor-in-Chief.  “Focus takes up where the morning papers and twitter feeds leave off, and provides readers with new insights on politics, culture, finance and science. We aim to inform, entertain and maybe sometimes even upset our readers. But never lecture them.”

Fokus also has a growing event enterprise including “Swede of the year” and the municipality ranking “Best place to live” as well as an extensive presence during the Almedalen political week. Jon Åsberg is Editor-in-Chief and the CEO. Johan Hakelius is Political Editor-in-Chief.”

In the past few years, FPG Media has expanded by acquiring Vetenskapsmedia i Sverige AB, whose publications include Språktidningen and Modern Psykologi.

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Centre for Justice

Nordstjernan is a contributor to Centre for Justice (Centrum för rättvisa). The Centre for Justice was formed in 2002 as a non-profit, independent organization to defend the rights and freedoms of the individual. Since then, the Centre for Justice has gradually established itself as Sweden’s leading organization in this area. Fredrik Bergman is head of the Centre for Justice. Tomas Nicolin, who also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Nordstjernan, is chairman of the Centre for Justice.

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Corona research

Nordstjernan is donating to Karolinska Institute’s (KI) research into the coronavirus to combat the COVID-19 infection. A donation from Nordstjernan enables KI to build up a biorepository that can make data available for the purpose of combating the pandemic, for example, by increasing knowledge on immunity and recovery.

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